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Care of the fabrics, maintenance

Nice things, if properly maintained, last longer.
For a long lasting upholstery fabric you must clean it regularly by brushing and using a soft vacuum cleaner to avoid any damage and discoloring.

In case of stains you have to act quickly before it is absorbed limiting its expansion and damage to the upholstery fabric.

Cleaning of the fabrics

All our products have enclosed the corresponding technical specifications and washing instructions. Here you can see some of these symbols.

We also have our registered mark H2Oh! Which allows to clean the fabric just with water. For more information please see our section H2Oh! Froca click here.

Maintenance of our fabrics

The technical specifications of our products help to keep our fabrics properly and allow them to be used much longer.

Abrasion resistance, seams, tear strength, colour fastness to light, rubbing solvents, rubbing fastness in humid state, pilling resistance, all these improve the product and contribute to its lasting.

General tips

Try to protect the fabrics from direct sunlight to avoid discoloring.

Clean regularly and once a year more deeply.Prevention is the best way of maintenance.

These are general advices and do not guarantee the total removing of the stains.

Please follow the general instructions shown on our samples, books, hangers and web.

In case you need further help about the maintenance please call + 34 96 581 00 80 or at

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